About Us


We are a church located in Smithfield, a suburb in Sydney’s South West. Our beliefs can best be described as Reformed and Baptistic. However, simply stated, we are believers in, and followers of, the Lord Jesus Christ as revealed in the Bible which we believe to be the very Word of God. We believe that this includes:

  • That God is prefect in holiness as described in His Commandments.
  • That Jesus teaches us that we are naturally sinful and that we are to expect a continual struggle against this sinfulness within us and around us.
  • The call to preach God’s grace and mercy toward us despite this sinfulness. This message of grace is often called the “gospel” which simply means GOOD NEWS! At the centre of this message is our Lord Jesus Christ, the very Son of God who through his life and death has reconciled us to God and made us God’s children.
  • The call to submit to God’s gracious ways with us as a perfect Father to imperfect children. We expect God to change us and make his power evident in us. We ask Him for this and we have proved His faithfulness in answering our prayers for this.
  • The call to love each other and to love all those around us.

“We will commence a series on The Gospel of John in May 2016”.

We preach Jesus Christ And Him Crucified”

We are located at 742 Horsley Drive Smithfield NSW 2164 (on the corner of the Horsley Drive & O’Connell Street).  We look forward to seeing you.